Dr Machailo is a Specialist Physician/Nephrologist who specialises in the diagnosis, care and treatment of kidney diseases and kidney related conditions. A nephrologist is a physician who specialises in the care and treatment of kidney disease. Dr Machailo is well-versed in treating and managing conditions that affect the kidneys and those that occur as a result of kidney problems.

Dr Machailo is passionate about nephrology and the fact that when acute and chronic diseases of the kidney are diagnosed early, kidney functioning can be spared and maintained for a long time to come, preserving the lives of so many.



(from Greek nephros "kidney", combined with the suffix -logy, "the study of") is a specialty of medicine and pediatrics that concerns itself with the kidneys: the study of normal kidney function and kidney disease, the preservation of kidney health, and the treatment of kidney disease, from diet and medication to renal replacement therapy (dialysis and kidney transplantation).